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Our Next Speaker Event is at
Coopers Hill Centre,
Crowthorne Road North, Bracknell RG12 7QS

Wednesday 6th May 2015

7:15pm for 7:30pm

The Vegetable that Changed World History

The Humble Extraordinary Potato

Talk From Stefan White

Its fascinating history and a wealth of stories Benjamin Franklin Charles Darwin Marie Antoinette Vladimir Ilyich Lenin and Chairman Mao all feature in this absorbing talk. It helped fuel the Industrial Revolution and population explosion but also through over-reliance led to tragedy on a huge scale - especially the Irish Great Hunger. Its origins and evolution are traced including its mysterious arrival in Europe. It changed world history. The biology history and social influence of one of our most humble and adaptable foodstuffs are explored as well as thoughts about its uses today.

Members free

Non Members £3
including Tea & Coffee from 7.15pm

Table Top competition: Sweet Potato Plants

Brooke House
54 High Street
RG12 1LL
From 9am -2:30pm

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